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Introducing our 4D Render Experience

Did you know we offer a free 4D Bathroom Design Service in our showroom?

By working with one of our specialist bathroom designers, and with the integration of VR (Virtual Realty) with design consultancy quite simply takes the customer experience to another level. From our experience, most consumers will struggle to grasp an overhead, 3D plan or flat render, however realistic it looks, yet our 4D experience negates this problem entirely by allowing designers to express their ideas in a precise way that you the client physically experience. It also enables installers to plan work with confidence, knowing the design will work as ‘real’ products have been tried out in the design. The process is simple:

Book you free design appointment at a time and day to suit by clicking the link below

In preparation for your appointment you will need: Accurate measurements of your bathroom is a must, room dimensions – size of windows – doors – any boxing in the room. The more measurements we have the more we can ensure that what we are designing and pricing what will work in your room. Feel free to bring along any ideas of what you want with regards to product and overall style of room, this will help us better understand what you need from this room and how we can best make it work for you.

An appointment typically lasts around 60 – 90 mins, this covers us designing the room together, choosing products from the showroom, dropping you into our design with our VR headset  and completion of quotation.

We can supply a printed or digital copy of your photo realistic render on receipt of £50 deposit. This deposit is then deducted from your invoice if you decide to proceed with the order.

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